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PABX Systems.

ABC Global Solutions Pvt Ltd is your trusted partner for PABX telephone extension and call center services. We understand the critical role that efficient communication plays in business success, and our comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our PABX telephone extension services offer seamless connectivity, allowing internal communication through extension numbers and empowering your employees to collaborate effectively. Additionally, our call center services enhance customer interactions by providing advanced features like call routing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call queuing, and real-time monitoring. With our expertise, your business can optimize call handling, improve customer satisfaction, and boost productivity. Count on ABC Global Solutions Pvt Ltd for reliable and customized PABX telephone extension and call center services that drive your business forward. PABX Systems in Colombo

Initial Planning

Planning the PABX System with your exact requirement.

Construction Process

Setting up the systems with the location and the requirement. Glamping Pods Designers in Sri Lanka

Safety and Comfort

Making your system easy as well as safety for the users.

Repair and Maintenance

All the repairing, services and maintenance services.

PABX Systems in Colombo
PABX Systems in Colombo

Of Our Services

  • Legacy PABX Systems
  • Key Telephone Systems
  • Call Centers
  • Voice Mail System
  • Voice Loggers
  • IVR systems
  • IP Phones
  • Call Accounting and Tracking Systems
  • Installing Telephones instruments accessories and Peripherals
  • Voice cabling (indoor, outdoor-underground/overhead.) PABX Systems in Colombo
  • Communication Earth Systems
  • Data Cabling
  • Terminating and Commissioning any Kind of Data Equipment
  • Supplying and Installing Computers and Peripherals PABX Systems in Colombo

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